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Photos Los Angeles, Fall 1989

Late Sophomore year of college, my friends and I all saw Elvira's movie on videotape. When we went to return it, there was a contest you could enter; we all entered, and I was the "Grand Prize Winner in the Elvira Valentine's Day Sweepstakes." I won a trip for two to Los Angeles for a week, with a car, airfare, and a hotel room all included! It was a lot of fun. I went with Marty and Melissa (it was only supposed to be a trip for two, but Melissa paid for her own airfare).

The view from our hotel room. Smoggy.

While in LA we went to Disney World. Here's me on the Dumbo ride!

And Melissa on the Mad Teacups!

We got into the audience of the Love Connection. No pictures from inside, just this one from the outside. It was a lot of fun...but we forgot to watch when our shows were on the air!

I think that this picture is from a photo booth at Knott's Berry Farm. We went here to meet Elvira at the end of our trip. This is about the only photo I have with Marty in it, because he had the camera most of the time.

Melissa with a lollipop.

Here's the signed photo of Elvira that I got! Elvira herself (Cassandra Peterson) was very nice, but we didn't get any pictures of her in person. When we met her, her friends Russ Meyer and Kitten Natividad[sp?] were there too, but we didn't recognize the names until later!

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