Bill's Photo Album

Photos from College, 1987-1991

Some friends of mine and I went for a walk one day in Schenley park. Here is a picture of us. From the left, this is Marty, Melissa, Jon, me, Yary, and Kathleen.

Here's me, in my Junior year dorm room. Yes, it was messy. Notice the Elvira standee behind me...check out my Los Angeles photos below for an explanation.

At one point I got an MRI scan done (don't ask). Afterwards, I got a copy of the film. So here's my brain, as of Freshman year in college. I especially like how you can see my eyeballs and the inside of my nose in this shot.

I also have photos from two trips I took:

A trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving, Sophomore year.
A trip to Los Angeles, Junior year.

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