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Photos from Lithuania (August 6-10)

In Lithuania I visited my friends Olaf and Diana. Here they are at a park in Lithuania.

They live in Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania. Most people in Kaunas live in giant cement apartment buildings, as you see here. Apparently the Soviets weren't much into aesthetics when they built housing. They also didn't seem to go for mixing housing and other types of buildings; until very recently there was no shopping, work, or recreation anywhere near this gigantic aparment complex, so you got all the disadvantage of city apartment life without the benefits.

From Kaunas we went to Diana's parent's cottage in Southern Lithuania. Here is her mother in front of the cottage. It was a beautiful area, all small farms and rolling hills.

There was a family of storks living in the back yard of the cottage.

Next we went to Palanga, a resort town on the ocean. There's a big area of sand dunes near palanga. This picture really doesn't do them justice.

Coming back from the dunes we had to stop because a family of wild pigs was crossing the road in front of us. The adults were pretty big.

After the boars we went to a sculpture park neaby called Witch Hill. It's a forest with tons of wooden sculptures in it. Here are Olaf, Diana, and I with two of the sculptures.

We also visited a semi-museum. It's a farm where the farmer made a lot of religious sculptures, which annoyed the Soviets, who then dumped military junk there, such as this tank. A very strange place with a weird mix of things scattered around.

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