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Photos from Rotenburg (August 3-August 4)

After Heidelberg I took a bus trip down to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

On the way we stopped in Würzburg, which is famous for its vineyards. We only had about five minutes, so this photo was taken from the bus stop.

Next stop was Weikersheim. There was a nice castle there, with a beautiful park on its grounds, that is now a music school. Seems like a great place to go to school.

Next was Creglington, which has a church that is famous for its ornately carved altar. There is also a thimble museum in Creiglington. (Sorry for the photo being tilted; I couldn't use my flash, so I took it by propping my camera in the donation box and couldn't quite get it to stand straight.)

Finally we got to Rothenburg. This is a walled city, famous because it has changed so little in the past few hundred years. Here is the outside; the wall you see encircles the entire old city.

You can walk along the inside of the wall if you want.

The center of Rothenburg. Rothenburg was really a great place to stop, with lots to see. I took a tour that was a lot of fun.

The tower that sits on top of the town hall (I think that is what the building is). You can also see this tower in the previous picture.

Me on top of the tower. It is really extremely high up, and the stairs are very narrow. I had both my backpacks that day, and the stairs were so narrow that I had to leave the backpacks on a platform about halfway up, because they wouldn't fit! It was pretty unnerving up here.

In Rothenburg I met Diana and Peter Ryan, tourists from Australia. We spent most of the day together and had a great time. They were lots of fun.

Just outside of the wall in Rothenburg was a garden, with a view of this valley.

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