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Photos from Heidelberg (July 31-August 3)

In Heidelberg I stayed with my friend Kai. Here is a picture of him, playing with his pet monkey.

Kai lives in the old town section of Heidelberg. Here is the view from the back of his apartment.

On the edge of Heidelberg is an old castle.

Heidelberg Castle from the side.

Heidelberg, seen from the castle. It's a very pretty town. Kai and I went running along the river one of the days I was there.

The "exploded tower" of Heiderberg Castle. Half of the tower has broken off and fallen down; you can see the top of the fallen part at the bottom of the picture.

Alongside the castle there is a large park that used to be the castle gardens. These pools are great; they're filthy and full of little salamander-like things, bugs, and fish. It was a lot of fun to watch all the animals inside chase after each other.

On Sunday, Kai and I went to a nearby park with Kai's friends Inge and Carolyn. It was strange combination park/aviary. Kai asked me not to put this picture on the web.

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