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Photos from Rome, Part II (July 28)

Our second full day in Rome we started by going to St. Peter's. Here's a view of the back of it.

I took the picture from the back because this was what the front looked like.

The inside was amazing. Here's a picture from the entrance looking at the altar.

There were several domes inside, and all were very impressive. They also had a little holy spirit visible through a cutout in the top of each.

Beneath this dome there was a big statue in a niche. That arm sticking out into the air was huge; the hand was bigger than my head.

This dome had a little angel statue just below it. Actually it may have been a big angel statue; it was too far up in the air for me to tell its size.

Outside a museum we went to were these chunks of what must have been a huge statue at one time.

Here's me next to a finger from that same statue.

Gerry and I went to a museum that bragged about having "The Dying Gaul." We got in an argument about whether this was it or not. I thought he looked pretty sickly, Gerry thought he was doing fine. Turns out Gerry was right, later we found the real dying Gaul.

Later in the day we went to the ruins. There were acres of ruins from the Roman Empire. I think this was part of the Royal Palace. You could just wander around them all you wanted.

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