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Photos from Rome, Part I (July 26-27)

On the train ride from Nice to Rome we got a good view of the Alps.

The first thing we did after getting our hotel was walk over to the Colosseum. It's amazing. We couldn't go in though, because it closes at 6PM.

The next day, we went to the Vatican Museum. Tons of sculptures, etc, and of course the Sistine Chapel (which has a great audio guide that explains the paintings). Here's a hallway in the museum.

I really like this spherical sculpture, which was in a courtyard in the Vatican Museum. By the way, that giant metal pine cone thing in the background? It's called "Giant Metal Pine Cone."

The Pantheon was really excellent inside. It's in great shape, better than any of the other buildings of its age that are in Rome. Unfortunately, it was too dark inside and pictures didn't come out well.

Finally we made it inside the Colosseum. The floor is gone, and I think that those pens that used to be underneath the floor held animals when it was in use.

Me in the Colosseum.

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