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Photos from Versailles and Chartres (July 21-22)

The castles at Versailles is very famous, but I didn't like visiting it much. The rooms are mostly on the dull side and completely packed with people as you can see from this picture of the hall of mirrors.

For some reason, one room had a tiny little woman stuck on top of a huge pillar. Maybe on Christmas they glued tree limbs to it and pretended she was the angel on top, I don't know.

The grounds of Versailles were great though. Here's the back yard.

This was one of the many fountains scattered around the castle. Not turned on at the moment.

The Catedral at Chartres was one of my two favorite cathedrals (the other one was St. Peter's on Rome). Here's the front of it.

One of the stained glass window inside the cathedral.

Looking down from on top of one of the cathedral towers.

Another view from the tower. It was incredibly tall and thin. As Gerry put it, "You look down and realize you're hundreds of feet up on top of a 500 year old column of rock showing visible signs of decay." It was pretty exciting.

The next day (July 25) we were in Arles. No pictures though.

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