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Photos from Paris, Part 2 (July 19-20)

This is Napoleon's tomb (we saw this on Sunday). This was actually the lower level; as you can see, the main level was up above, where the people are looking down into the tomb.

There was lots of great artwork around the tomb. You can see the sculptures of women surrounding Napoleon. The altar was also really impressive, with twisted columns surrounding it. Unfortunately most of my pictures didn't come out very well, but I like this picture of the ceiling.

The next day we went to the Louvre. Here's the entrance. It's pretty neat, you enter through the pyramid in the center and drop underground, then walk over to one of the three wings that you see here.

This atrium is one of the many sculpture gardens in the Louvre.

In back of the Louvre there was this pit filled with broken sculptures and masonry.

The view from the gardens in front of the Louvre, looking to the Arc.

Notre Dame.

One of the stained glass windows in Notre Dame.

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