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Photos from Dog Mountain, June 1998

Our first hike up Dog Mountain was done too early. We'd heard that there were lots of wildflowers a little bit later on, so in early June 1998, we hiked it again with a group of people.

Here the trail early on, when we're still in the forest.

Cindy, Greg and I were the first to get above the trees. This is taken at the same place as some of the pictures from the April hike. It's the first good lookout that you get to.

Dog mountain is very steep and rocky, and you can see here. But we timed it right this time; you can see the wildflowers in the grass in the foreground.

Here is a meadow full of balsamroot. This yellow flower was pretty much covering the top part of Dog Mountain. The two people in the picture weren't hiking with us; they just happened to be there when I took the picture.

At the top we stopped for lunch. I can't remember the names of a couple of people in this picture so I'm not going to bother listing them all.

A closeup of some balsamroot flowers.

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