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Photos from San Diego '97

In July 1997 I first travelled to Connecticut for my sister's wedding, then to San Diego to go to the wedding of my friends Erik and Rebecca. I was really mad because I forgot my camera! But some of my friends in San Diego took pictures, scanned them in, and sent them to me, so here they are.

Rebecca, Diana, Olaf, Erik, and Vida. Rebecca and Erik live in San Diego; Olaf and Vida are friends who we met playing go on the go server that Erik set up. Olaf lives in Lithuania and Vida lives in Slovenia. Diana is Olaf's girlfriend.

We played a lot of Go while we were there. This is Olaf and Vida playing in Erik and Rebecca's yard.

Here's the bride and groom! That's Erik's brother on the right.

The bride and groom again - but this time with Erik's stepfather.

This is Olaf, Diana, Patricia and Kai blowing bubbles at the wedding. Patricia and Kai are from Germany; Kai is another friend from the go server.

Here's a picture of me blowing bubbles.

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