SGF Merger

Not much to see here. Just sgfMerger.jar, a java program that combines multiple SGF games into a single SGF file. Written mostly as a proof of concept. In addition to merging, it will put a node name at the root of each of the original SGF trees, labelling the file that it came from.

To use it, just run the .jar file as a command line application, with the input SGF files as arguments. It will emit merge.sgf. For example, on Unix you would type:

$ java -jar sgfMerge.jar x.sgf y.sgf z.sgf
On Windows or Mac systems, I'm not sure exactly how to do the same thing, but it should be possible.

If I ever get a chance, I'll enhance this with a GUI that lets you pick the input files etc., but for now I don't have time.