Bill's Pente Program

About the program

This is a unix program that plays the game of Pente. You can play against the computer, against another person sitting next to you, or against somebody on another computer across the internet!

It has a good X11 GUI interface, but it will run with a curses interface if you don't have X windows. For the truly primitive Pente player, you can run it in pure text mode. Yes, you can even play on your 1970s-era teletype if you really want to.

Pente has multi-language support, and currently can be used in French, English, or Italian. If you speak another language fluently and are willing to translate the text in the program, please get in touch with me.

Downloading Pente

Pente is distributed in source code. It uses the Gnu autoconfig system and should be portable across all Unix/X11R4 or later systems.

This link is to a binary object. You probably don't want to download it directly to your viewer. Download them to a file instead.

A tar.gz file with the source code for Pente (197K)

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